Influence change


Constructive communications

Modern lifestyles, changing health conditions, treatments and products, DNAs and inappropriate access, and poor levels of knowledge, motivation and morale, all impact on today’s health care and service delivery.

      We can help you to:

Undertake proactive patient, public and customer communications and engagement.

Enhance the level of knowledge, morale, commitment and passion of everyone around your organisation.

Gain support and positive action from staff, partners, commissioners, patients and customers.


Well planned communications and education is the key – we are your answer.


WE can make your every communication count


Change behaviors and lifestyles amongst patients and members of the public.

Encourage local residents and service users to shape the local services of the future


Get Heard


A flavour of our successes:

Reached the largest ever response rate to a North West alcohol campaign survey, working with 300 partner organisations and 6.8 million North West residents.

• Steered the varied and extensive media based alcohol initiative to achieve a total circulation figure of 65,905,567


• Enabled one CCG to be named by HSJ as one of ‘Top 10 best places to work’ after significantly improving their internal communications and engagement activities.

The work that they delivered on our stakeholder engagement plan has been valuable in refining and directing our resources to the most effective engagement methods to reach our many staff and stakeholders, in a timely and cost effective manner.
— Anne Allen, Director of Corporate Services & Trust Secretary, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust