Our Associates: all experts in their field



Our associates will bring a fresh approach to your project: linking together a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and insight, creative flair and vision, with a group of differing personalities and perspectives. A very powerful mix.


What unites us though is our unequivocal desire to help healthcare people and organisations to succeed.

Some of our associates include:



Catherine Armshaw - Managing Director

Catherine is the communications, engagement, marketing and business development expert. Having lived and breathed the healthcare industry in its numerous guises all over the country for the past 14 years, she is absolutely the best placed person to help you optimise your organisational success.


Hadrian Collier - Associate

Hadrian is the other healthcare engagement and communications specialist. Having worked across both the NHS and the private healthcare landscapes for over 25 years, he will expertly help you navigate through, develop and thrive in your industry.


Andy Culbert - Associate

Andy is the branding connoisseur. Working with an impressive portfolio of organisations like yours for the past 16 years, the Creative Director of MERó, will help you reflect your values outwards, make you stand out from the crowd, and position you as the organisation of choice.



Nick Stuart - Associate

Nick is the creative video geek. He will draw on his 11 years of industry knowledge and experience to help you imaginatively present your ideas and messages through video – bringing them to life in a way that will truly resonate with and inspire your stakeholders.