Stand out from the crowd


Enhance awareness

Choice is the key driver in today’s healthcare industry.

Are patients and customers aware of your organisation, your services and the benefits that they offer? Do they understand how to access them if they wanted to?

    We can help you to:

Raise awareness and visability of your organisation/ services/ products amongst potential patients and customers.

Increase understanding about the benefits of your service/ product portfolio.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and ensure that you are the ‘go to’ organisation of choice.


In a crowded, confusing marketplace, raising awareness of your organisation/ services/ products and placing them in your customer’s mind’s eye, is the difference between business growth and decline.


WE can help your organisation shine in a very crowded marketplace


Increase the number of targeted patients/ customers to your service.

Drive increased revenues.




Get Noticed


A flavour of our successes:

•  Developed marketing strategies and action plans to heighten an organisation’s profile: driving an immediate 50% uptake in contracts.

• Raised the profile and commercial position of a dental educational and research organisation to that of ‘Institute of Choice’, across national and international markets


• Developed an acute trust’s external communications activities to enhance its’ positioning as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Their strong negotiation and engagement skills ensured that they gained buy-in from business partners across the organisation.
— Ruth Edwards, Communications and Marketing Manager, Manchester City Council