Four fundamental changes to enhance healthcare customer engagement

Developing a successful plan for healthcare patient and customer engagement may seem like a huge and expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

 Often it's the most basic, fundamental changes that produce the biggest impact. The top four of which are:

1. Educate your patient/customer-facing employees how to effectively interact with customers eg reception staff and practice managers.

2. Give your patients/customers the tools and channels to interact with you eg. live chat, reviews, social media, feedback and community forums.

3. Follow up after appointments and offer helpful hints and tips eg. on how to stay healthy.

4. Create live interactions with patients/customers that build a sense of community.

Think of patient/customer engagement as one long conversation: be authentic, and continuously look for new opportunities to keep the conversation interesting and ongoing.

The more interactions you can cultivate with patients/customers, the more you’ll see your investment in engagement pay off, including: lower DNA rates, higher rates of self-care being undertaken, higher customer satisfaction survey results eg the Friends and Family test, and higher onward referral rates for private healthcare work/repeat private healthcare services.

If you would like to learn more or would value talking over your ideas for change, feel free to call me.